Transform Your Life Through Meditation

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Stillwater Public Library
Margaret Rivers A & B

Event Details

Join Arvind Naik for this engaging  meditation workshop.  Discover excellent strategies to transform your life and help you to let go of anger, fear, worry and create more harmonious relationships, which in turn will give you a deeper sense of personal peace.  Arvind will share a simple, but powerful method of meditation that can transform your life in many ways.  The audience will have an opportunity to have a first-hand experience of this meditation practice which can be used daily to reduce stress and find inner fulfillment and bliss.

Arvind Naik  -Brief Bio
Arvind Naik, MBA in Global Business Management from NYIT, is educated as an Electronics Engineer and works as a Data Architect and Business Professional in Information Technology.

He has been giving lectures and workshops on the topic of meditation, where he discusses how incorporating meditation into our daily routine can be life changing. In his programs Arvind, explores how this practice can help each of us develop physically, mentally, and spiritually. Arvind led a meditation program at Target  and regularly speaks at local community centers.  Most recently he spoke at Boston Scientific to introduce meditation as a tool for stress reduction in the workplace and he was invited by the Columbia Heights Police Department to give talks on the many benefits of meditation and how it can help the Officers with their day to day stress.  Arvind lives in Minnesota and is married with two teenage sons.

Event Type(s): Health/Wellness
Age Group(s): Adults